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Business vs. Creator Account On TikTok

TikTok has proven to be a leading social network that is here to stay, with over 1 billion users each month. If you’re thinking about promoting your brand on TikTok, where do you even begin? Consider what kind of account would work best for your company.

TikTok users can sign up for either a Creator account or a Business account. They each provide unique advantages and disadvantages. Read our tips in this blog and enter the world of TikTok with a well-defined strategy to find the right fit for your brand.

Exactly what are the differences between a TikTok Creator account and a TikTok Business account?
Let’s take a look at the two main TikTok account types and what they’re used for.

Financial Record for Commercial Use

You can build, manage, and monitor your brand’s activities on TikTok with the many tools available in the business accounts, which are tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

They are not private and facilitate instantaneous interaction with an audience.

Proof of authorship

An individual’s own unique Creator account. Its primary goal is to meet the requirements of creators on TikTok, including but not limited to artists, musicians, and influencers.

Features of the account are designed to promote the user’s skillsets on the platform.

Up until August of 2021, TikTok also offered a separate creator account, which is now rolled into the standard user profile.

Read on for a breakdown of the key distinctions between the various account types, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s compare the features of the TikTok Business account with those of the Creator account.

Perks of Having a Business Account

Marketing with a focus on the whole consumer
These TikTok accounts are made with businesses in mind. Therefore, business owners should open this type of account.

Possibility to Use Extra Functions

In comparison to the Creator account, the Business account grants access to enhanced features and data, such as:

Promoting your content on TikTok?

Upgrade to a Business account to access more sophisticated advertising tools and connect with a larger, more engaged audience.
If you want to know how well your social media marketing is doing, analytics is the tool for you.
Imagination Center for Organizations: To help you improve your TikTok marketing strategies, this section is filled with ideas, advice, and current trends.
Public Domain Music Collection: Over a million songs and sounds, covered by commercial licences, are available for use in your TikTok videos. In addition to following the latest TikTok sounds and trends, brands can make their own using the platform’s tools and resources.

Possibilities for communication

When using a Business account, you can communicate with anyone, while a Creator account only allows you to communicate with people on your friend list.

Consequences of a Company Account

The Sound Effects Library is Closed to the Public

Businesses must tread carefully when it comes to the music and sound effects they use in their TikTok videos because of legal restrictions. As a result, users with a Business account can only access the commercial sound clips that do not require permission to use.

Now is the time to put your imagination to work and make unique music for your brand’s promotional videos.

Weak support for duets and stitching

TikTok’s Business account features like duets and stitches are restricted for brands due to sound usage rules. Those latter options are only accessible when authentic TikTok content (i.e., music and sound effects) is used. A company cannot combine or duet two videos with non-commercial audio.

Constraints on Participation in Creator Programs

You can’t participate in all of the Creator Programs, which provide additional avenues for monetization, if you have a Business account.

The Benefits of a Maker Account

Audiobook collection in its entirety
If you have a TikTok Creator account, you can listen to and use any and all of the audio clips that the app offers. This opens up boundless possibilities for boosting the impact of your social media videos.

Possibilities for a stitch and a duet
Video from any account can be stitched or combined with a Creator account, unlike the Business plan.

Possibility to view some TikTok data
Creators have access to account analytics that can inform their approach. Although the Creator account’s analytics aren’t as robust as those of the Business account, they still provide valuable insight into your activity and results on TikTok.

Problems with the Creator’s Account

There is no profile link.
The Creator profile lacks the external link feature found in the Business account, which presents a missed opportunity to drive traffic to a website.

However, once you hit 1,000 followers, you’ll be able to do this without upgrading to a Business account.

No cutting-edge administrative aids
The Creator accounts can’t be linked to other apps that might improve their social media advertising. Those accounts have access to TikTok’s basic editing features only.

Inability to communicate directly with the target demographic
In contrast to the Business accounts, which can contact anyone on TikTok, the Creator accounts can only talk to their friends. This could restrict your methods of contact.

Final Thoughts

What kind of TikTok account do you think would be most useful for promoting your company’s image? If you’re still not sure, go with the Business profile if you’re a company and the Private profile if you’re an artist.

It’s worth noting that you can switch from one account type to another, though TikTok suggests you avoid doing so if at all possible. It’s best to maintain uniformity.

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