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Here Are The Top 5 Successful Companies Using Instagram’s Marketing Features

Just keep swiping. Pause. Learn More. It’s effortless, and it’s hard to stop doing it. A casual thumb swipe over someone’s Instagram page may be very soothing. And that’s not all: every day, 4.2 billion people across the world click the “like” button.

4.2 billion is the right answer. Numerous teeny-tiny crimson valentines. A positive and upbeat micro-magazine for today’s young adults, the energy here is palpable. However, with all the Instagram marketing tools available, it is also a highly lucrative location for company owners.

Instagram users spend almost half an hour every day on the platform, making it a genuine gold mine for businesses. Instagram is rapidly becoming into a promotional platform that companies can’t afford to ignore thanks to the introduction of shoppable posts and stories and the imminent possibility of monetizing IGTV.

To be expected, companies are flooding in. When it comes to boosting online purchases, Instagram is a major player. But once they do, how can they maximise their chances of success? Of course, businesses should avoid PR disasters like embarrassing posts about employees or other sensitive topics, but how else can they take use of this fantastic medium for promoting their wares and services?

Placement of Burberry

Burberry is an extremely…old brand, but their Instagram marketing skills have catapulted them into the hearts and wallets of the twentysomething to thirtysomething e-commerce audience.

What is Burberry’s most intriguing business strategy? They activate their location settings rather frequently. A research found that the interaction rate for geotagged postings increased by 79%.

Red Bull—Participate

Even if a mobile device can’t let you fly, Red Bull has discovered a method to invigorate its fans and inspire maximum participation.

They not only provide entertaining material, but also make sure to utilise lots of #s and @s with every photograph, whether it be of them skydiving in Barcelona or riding a dirt bike on a wave in Tahiti (yes, really; it was their most-liked picture of 2015). It’s a great way to get their 4.1 million followers involved, showcase their sponsored athletes, and keep them wanting more.

Dunkin’ Donuts, number three: rejoice

Dunkin’ Donuts is an expert at keeping their fans entertained and involved by capitalising on the latest cultural phenomena. Dunkin’ Donuts has a donut-based treat for every holiday, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Here you may see the four seasons depicted in your choice of flour, sugar, and caffeine. They regularly share innovative, eye-catching photography inspired by caffeine and baked goods.

Warby Parker

An eyewear brand has slowly but surely taken over social media. They utilise the photo-sharing app Instagram to spread the word about their unique kind of charitable work, in which for each pair of glasses purchased, another pair is given to someone in need.

Instagram is used to promote events, such as a New York City community walk that made extensive use of hashtags. Their marketing strategy relies on attracting new followers organically, and their thorough and considered approach ensures that those followers will become dedicated brand advocates.

Bonobos – Way of Life

Have you ever pondered the actions of a man wearing well tailored trousers? He can either attend parties on a yacht while cruising the Hudson, camp out in the Swiss Alps, and gaze out at a lake, or he can get out of his vintage Beamer and walk a blonde model down the red carpet, as seen by Bonobos’ Instagram account.

It’s just a way of life at Bonobos, nothing more. Its Instagram page promotes this way of living with the same meticulous care with which it selects items for its menswear collections.

Boxes and folded dress shirts are carefully arranged amongst photographs of breathtaking intrigue and adventure. Over 54,000 individuals have followed this quickly expanding Instagram account that sells high-quality men’s clothes.

Imitating Successful Methods

Even if you don’t have the budget for Burberry or Dunkin’ Donuts, you can still learn a lot about effective Instagram marketing from these five brands. Each one is committed to turning their Instagram account into a marketing engine and doesn’t distort the essence of their brand.

When used with forethought and strategy, Instagram’s marketing features may be a tremendous boon to your company’s visibility and success.

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