Finally, Instagram is here,  so that it is the right time to upload your first Instagram Reels and create your first Instagram Reels. The good news is you should have no problem creating Instagram Reels if you already use the Stories feature of Instagram because the two features are quite the same. Like Instagram Stories, you can also buy Instagram Reels likes for your videos. 

Are you ready to get started?

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels is Instagram’s take on the popular social media platform TikTok and other brand new tools like Triller and Byte. Reels of Instagram is a whole new format on the Instagram platform. Instagram Reels let the users create and edit multi fifteen-second videos set to famous music. Rather than making a different application for Instagram (like Instagram did for Instagram TV), the Instagram platform includes the new video format into its prime application — you can view, share and create Reels all inside the Instagram application. You can share your Reel to your feed, which means your Instagram Reel will become visible on your prime profile grid.   

Through the new space for Reels on the Explore page, you can make your Reels visible to the broad range of Instagram community, If you have a public account on Instagram. According to Instagram, Reels in the Explore page provides the chance for anyone to reach new audiences worldwide and become a creator on Instagram.

The algorithm of Instagram Reels seems a lot like the For You Page of TikTok, while the Instagram Reels algorithm has been revealed yet. And the algorithm is likely influenced by what type of content you interact with, who you follow, and where you are located.

That means that even users who do not follow you can engage with your Reels and see your Reels — that is a big opportunity to increase your following and major hack for engagement. At the moment, Instagram Reels is available only to users in particular countries, including the United States, Brazil, Germany, and France.

To create your first Reels on Instagram, begin by opening the Instagram Stories camera and choosing the Reels option. You can search for music from Instagram’s music library to use for your video before you film your video. Also, you can use your original sound by simply filming a Reel with it. 

Your audio will be attributed to you when you share Instagram  Reels with original audio, and if you have a public profile, other users can make a Reels with your audio by simply selecting the option “use audio” from your Reel. You can also choose which part of the music you want to use for your Reel. Then the next step you have to do is to set a countdown and timer. The timer option lets you record hand-free clips. You will see three – two – one countdown once you hit the “record” button. You can select many effects from the effects gallery of Instagram, like with the Instagram Stories.