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The Complete Guide To Instagram SEO

To improve your Instagram profile’s visibility in search results, you should adhere to Instagram SEO best practises.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is something that all digital marketers should be familiar with and know best practises for in order to improve the visibility of their websites in search engines.

Both search engines and the built-in search functions of social media apps can lead interested parties to your profiles and pages.

However, if your accounts aren’t optimised, you can lose out on visitors, fans, and money that could have been made through social commerce.

Instagram is one social media network that requires a bit more work to optimise than others.

We’ll go through what sets Instagram SEO apart from other social media platforms and provide 7 actionable techniques for boosting your SEO and attracting new followers right now.

Instagram search engine optimisation: what is it?

To optimise your Instagram profile for search engines and Instagram’s own search function is what Instagram SEO is all about.

You may improve the likelihood that your Instagram content will be discovered by the Instagram algorithm by optimising your posts for phrases, hashtags, and themes.

If the algorithm can decipher your profile and posts, customers who need what you sell will be able to find you.

While Instagram’s social nature prevents it from acting like a traditional website, you can still use many of the same strategies and best practises to boost your profile’s visibility and attract more followers.

The Importance of Instagram SEO Optimisation

That begs the question, “why Instagram?

Several factors contribute to this.

Instagram, first and foremost, has a significantly larger user base. Instagram’s over a billion users increase the potential customer base for businesses.

The platform is optimised for images, so businesses can provide more eye-catching demonstrations of product value than they could in a simple text update.

In the same way that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are primarily used on desktop computers, Instagram is primarily used on mobile devices.

Distinguishing Features of Instagram SEO Compared to Other Social Networks

Because Instagram is unique among social media networks, optimising for it requires a distinct approach.

Instagram’s search feature is what sets it apart from other social media platforms from an SEO perspective.

Hashtags have been used extensively for searching and sharing on social media for as long as this feature has been available.

Hashtags functioned in a manner analogous to that of hyperlinks; selecting one would lead you to other works that made use of the same hashtag.

Tips for Instagram SEO

Now that you know how important it is to have an Instagram SEO plan, we can get into the specific strategies that will get you noticed and make you successful.

Optimise Your Account

Your Instagram profile serves as a virtual business card.

Make sure the relevant people can find your business by optimising your profile.

Several things in your profile might use some work:

ID and Display Name

Your brand will be easier to find in search results if you utilise your name and username. You can increase your visibility in search results by using search terms in your user name and profile name.


Your bio is a brief summary of your business and a good location for supplemental search terms. Hashtags and clickable links can also be used in your bio.

In-Profile Image

Books are judged by their covers; it’s a fact of life. Given Instagram’s visual nature, your profile picture can either boost your popularity or bring you down.

Make captions keyword-rich

Every bit of material you make should be optimised for search engines by including keywords.

Because Instagram now scans captions for indications of user interest, it’s crucial to include both primary and secondary keywords in your posts if you want them to appear in relevant hashtag and user-initiated searches.

Make Use of Instagram’s Alt-Text

If you want your images to be indexed properly and for visually impaired visitors to still get a description of the images so they can enjoy the content, then you need to use alt-text.

New to Instagram, this is a vital section to complete.

Instagram will auto-fill your Alt-text if you don’t, so it’s important to choose relevant keywords, phrases, or interests that describe the photo when you do add a description.

Make Use Of Geotags

Instagram’s search function, like Google’s, prioritises locally relevant results.

If you type “hair stylists” into Instagram’s search bar, you’ll see a mix of relevant content from accounts you already follow and those in your immediate vicinity who specialise in that field.

Make sure you’re using geotags to specify your location in your posts so that they show up in searches like these.

Make a Video

Instagram is more than simply a collection of still images; the service now features extensive video sharing.

More people are likely to watch videos in formats like Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV since they are easier to browse through.

Short films, in particular, have a greater potential for being shared and getting you new subscribers. Instagram is placing significant resources into them.

Synchronising Accounts

You may increase your page’s credibility and authority by linking to all of your active social media profiles.

You may advertise your account and boost your click-through rate, and it will also enhance the likelihood that your fans will add you to all of their social sites.

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