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An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Content Plan

Looking to enhance your Instagram posts without paying for any ads? Do you need an Instagram content marketing checklist?

This post will teach you the ins and outs of using Instagram for business, including the planning, creation, and optimisation of content.

Establish Instagram Objectives First

What works perfectly for one company’s Instagram account might not do the same for yours. Because defining your goals is the first step in developing effective content for your company.

Check out some of the most popular Instagram objectives and the means by which they can be attained:

Build your fan base by sharing engaging material on Instagram and making use of relevant hashtags.
Construct a following by learning about your demographic and sharing information that will make them feel like they can trust you.
Increase participation by: Engage your audience by posing questions, sharing motivational quotes, and encouraging them to comment and like your posts.

Evaluate Your Advertising Schedule

You have a clearer idea of your Instagram goals now. But what kind of content should you provide to do that? Make use of the company’s marketing schedule as a guide. Mark these dates on your Instagram calendar and start thinking of content ideas that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Be sure to schedule in plenty of time to publish many pieces of material before any significant events. Instead of just one post, a large product launch may require several weeks of teasers.

Choose Your Content Topics

It’s possible that your company’s marketing efforts will serve as inspiration for a number of your Instagram posts, but not all of them need to be promotional in nature. Naturally, your fans will get tired of hearing from you constantly.

Where do you go from here in terms of Instagram posts?

Pick a few content focuses that make sense for your company. Then, carefully insert various kinds of material into your Instagram schedule at various times of the week or month.

Discover Who They Are

Your Instagram profile may be about your company, but your followers are the actual stars. After all, you want your content to connect with your audience and motivate them to take action, whether that’s sharing it, bookmarking it, or buying something.

How do you then go about making that content?

Get to know them first. Access your audience data in Instagram Insights via the app or Facebook Business Manager. There, you’ll find demographic information on your followers, such as their ages, genders, and localities, which can inform future posts.

Define Your Brand’s Visual Voice

Instagram is a visual app because it allows users to share photos and videos. Creating a visual style that represents your company and resonates with your target audience is crucial.

Instagram aesthetics for your company should not be accidental. Get your aesthetic straight from the start so your team can produce content that is a perfect fit for your brand.

As you work on your visual style, keep in mind the following points.

Is your brand more suited to a cool or warm colour palette? Should you use your brand colours in your posts?
Will each of your Instagram posts be able to hold its own if placed in a grid? Is a grid of like related content more to your liking?
Should you only use photos in your posts? Or will you normally have text overlays on your content?
Do you want each of your posts to look different, or would you rather use a template? Alternately, would you like to use category-specific post templates?

Make or Revise a Style Guide

The aesthetic of your brand extends beyond just appearance. Defining the tone and style of your Instagram captions is also essential. Instagram captions are a great place to share your brand’s personality and tone with your audience.

Whether you already have a style guide or need to update it for Instagram, you should think about the following:

  • How would you describe your writing’s style? What kind of assertions or queries do you make? Do you have a particular way of saying things?
  • How do you talk to your fans? Does your voice come out as cordial, sarcastic, authoritative, or something else entirely?
  • Is your caption formatted as one large block of text? For lengthy captions, do you break them up with line breaks?
  • Is your company supportive of or wary of emojis? Is there a set of emojis you always use, and others you never post?
  • This @freshly post’s caption is a great example of the brand’s signature style of succinct, lighthearted prose.

Instagram Caption Writing

You can technically upload photos to Instagram without a caption. If you have the chance to make a point, pose a question, or rally your audience to action, why let it go to waste?

Create the perfect Instagram caption by making the point of your post crystal clear. Want to educate your audience on how to make better use of your products? Share your insights with them!

  • To learn more, swipe up.
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  • Give us your opinion.
  • An Instagram post can be any length you like. What you say and how you say it should be tailored to your audience and brand. Try different things out and see what resonates with your intended audience.

Make Use of Hashtags

Including relevant hashtags is the final step before publishing Instagram material. If you want more people to see your Instagram photos and interact with you, you should use hashtags.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags each post, and 10 per story. Hashtags can be added to material from zero up to the maximum allowed. What is the optimal increase in size? Try out a few different values and see which one works best.

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