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Streaming Live On TikTok: To Go Viral

With TikTok’s Live feature serving as a clean slate, artists have been free to express themselves in a variety of ways. There are gamers who use it like Twitch, and there are other folks who use it to sell custom acrylic cups.

When you go live on TikTok, you may interact with your viewers in real time, which might help you gain more followers. It’s a win-win for creators and brands since it helps everyone make more money. Data. In 2019, users are expected to spend $6.78 billion on social applications, with the vast bulk of that amount going to support their favourite authors.

However, there are some prerequisites that must be met before you may begin streaming live on TikTok:

Followers: 1,000; Age Requirement: 16+ A minimum age of 18 is required. Using TikTok’s Gifts function, you can get a cut of the billions of dollars being spent on livestreams every year.
Then, and only then, may you begin streaming! With the information in this post, you’ll be ready to launch your first TikTok Live and begin interacting with your viewers in a whole new way.

The steps of live streaming on TikTok

  • Launch the application by selecting the plus sign (+) camera icon. The next step is to click the “LIVE” link in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose a photo and come up with a catchy title for your show (you can change this later). It’s time to move on to the next step: pressing the “Go LIVE” button. Now that you’re going live, your followers will be alerted.
  • The “X” in the top left corner of the screen can be used to end the live broadcast.

A guide to improving your TikTok broadcasts

With thousands of concurrent live streams, it’s important to plan ahead for your Lives if you want your material to get seen. A few things to keep in mind when you plan your TikTok Live strategy are as follows:

Choose a time when you know your target demographic will be online and engaged. You can keep tabs on the actions of your followers thanks to the detailed analytics provided by TikTok. With this function, you may find out when your followers are most active and therefore most likely to see your posts. Visit Creator > Analytics > Followers to get this information.
TikTok suggests limiting your streams to 30 minutes in length, although you can go live for up to 60 minutes.

Update regularly: If your followers view a video of yours that was uploaded recently on their For You or Following page, a button inviting them to watch more of your content will appear. Better yet, have this video be you announcing your going Live time.
Light the area properly: Create your filming environment with plenty of natural light or a ring light. Maintaining your audience’s focus on you rather than their eyesight will help you better communicate with them.

Maintain a reliable connection to the World Wide Web: It’s best to make sure your Internet connection is stable before you start streaming to avoid any interruptions.
Follow some sort of blueprint or set of rules: While a script isn’t necessary, it can help to have some guidelines in place to help you maintain focus.

Get the attention of your readers/viewers

Interacting with your viewers in real time is the best part of TikTok Live. Be attentive to the chat and answer questions, fulfil requests, and build rapport with your audience.
Filter comments, prevent viewers from commenting, and even block anyone from viewing your live broadcast with the available moderation tools.
Here are some suggestions for your next TikTok broadcast:

TikTok Lives can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as providing exclusive material, answering questions, and advertising products.

Respond to questions from the crowd

Answering questions from your viewers and interacting with them live is easy with TikTok Live. The comments section is a great place to find out what your fans want to know, and a Live broadcast is the perfect place to address those questions in real time. Hence, opening up for inquiries in real time can help you create solid relationships with your audience, whether you’re unveiling a new product or collection or just hoping to connect with them. Schedule real-time purchasing events.

Go TikTok Live to get exposure

The ability to use TikTok Live is not yet available to all users, but familiarity with it can offer your business a boost.
With the introduction of live shopping, businesses can promote the goods and services they offer via a TikTok Shopping tab into a live broadcast. By facilitating instantaneous communication between brands and their audiences, this function also makes it easier for users to make purchases related to content they find while consuming a brand’s stream.

Give viewers a peek behind the curtain

Easy-to-implement TikTok Live ideas include revealing the inner workings of your workplace or the creative process you use. You can be more open and honest with your target demographic by showing them behind-the-scenes footage of your content or product development process.

Respond Your Audience

One more technique to interact with your audience and gain new fans is to take suggestions for creative works. Using this structure, a number of creators have made and sent out customised products to their most engaged viewers. Providing incentives to your followers can boost engagement in your Lives and sales of your items.

Work with a company or artist in collaboration

Bringing a friend “on stage” with you to TikTok Live opens up a world of possibilities for teamwork. Live interviews, sponsored content, and account takeovers are all popular ways for creators and companies to collaborate on Instagram.

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