Instagram Reels has raised enormous growth. Getting a lot of comments, views, and likes for a particular post on a particular day of the week at a particular time does not magnify that every content you share is going to become viral. So what you do want to do is find the right times to post your content on Instagram Reels so that you can widen your content and bring a larger following base.

Wednesday: 11 PM, 8 AM, 7 AM

Thursday: 7 PM, *12 AM, 9 AM

 Friday: 3 PM*, 1 PM, 5 AM,

Saturday: 8 PM, 7 PM, 11 AM

 Sunday: 4 PM, 8 AM, 7 AM,

Monday: 10 PM,10 AM, 6 AM,

Tuesday: *9 AM,  4 AM,  2 AM

Times marked with the star symbol ‘*’ had specifically high levels of engagement. 

Creating high-quality posts that resonate with your target audiences should be your foremost priority, but also you need to know when to post your posts so that you are highly likely to reach your target audiences when they are more active on your social media network of choice, you can also buy Instagram Reels views to reach your target audiences.


Thanks to the reach of Instagram, Instagram Reels has a worldwide user base. The US has 13 billion users, India has 10 billion users, and Brazil has 91M users on Instagram. This user base number is highly important because where your target audience is located will be the content type you create and when you should post your content in the primary place. The time zones are having an enormous impact on the top hours within a particular geo-location. With the help of Instagram analytical tools, you can easily find out when your audiences are awake. 

It is more important to work with the time zones without an Instagram analytics tool. You will have about an hour and worry about if your target audiences are located primarily in India and Thailand: on the other hand, you will need to make a plan and schedule your post around an 8 hours time difference if your audience is located across the Uk and North America.

You will have some functionality for scheduling with an Instagram business account. But that functionality does not apply to Instagram Reels, unfortunately. But the only solution is to make a calendar for content that covers the time zones and the biggest geographic areas your target audiences come from. If you have an audience in countries with big differences in time zones, this can be really tough to maintain, but the only way is to make scheduling by writing.

You need to find what makes your content special to attract and grab large audiences. An excellent method to share your products and services with a wide range of Instagram audiences is cross-promotion. Cross-promotion is very beneficial, and it will help your conspirator, and you increase your Instagram reach and grab more new fans.