How To Get More Twitter Likes – Simple Tips To Follow

Twitter has become a widespread platform like Facebook and instagram but it is meant to post short messages. The methods followed to become famous on Twitter are also different from the other social channels. It might be a little difficult to promote on Twitter but a little effort can make your profile worth. Though Twitter is different from other social channels, getting popularity is still about having more likes and followers. This article explains how to increase the ratio of likes and followers on Twitter easily. The following are some tips to follow to get more likes on Twitter.

Make your profile neat

The profile should contain what your audience want to see. So it is important to remember these things while improving your profile. 

Make a short, unique and original bio with a good introduction which can get you many likes. It is best to buy Twitter Likes or Retweets if you are totally new to Twitter. 

Pin your best tweets in your timeline to contain the most recent and fresh information about your account

Posting 7 to 10 tweets per day is enough. Do not post too much on the same day.

Use the right number of permitted symbols in your tweets. Tweets containing around 100 symbols are most liked and reshared.

Add Visual Content

Frequent addition of photos or videos to your tweets makes sure that your post receives more number of likes. It is important to remember not to post food photos unless you are in the cooking niche. It is good to produce your own content with some memes to gain attention of more users

Recent studies from twitter suggest that tweets with GIF images make your posts much more unique and reachable. And it is also found out that only a very less percentage of tweets contained GIFs along with them. 

Interact with your followers

Interacting with your followers is the best way to boost your profile. If you want to get more reshares and likes, it is important to be in touch with your followers. Initiating interesting games, using different Twitter trends in sync with the themes , asking useful questions to customers are some of the best ways to reach out to other users on the network. 

Starting a live chat on Twitter with people who share the same interests can help you build a strong community of loyal followers.Keep in mind not to discuss topics which are controversial like religion or politics to keep the storm away. 

All you need to do is to be active on Twitter because Twitter offers you everything you need to promote your business account such:

You have to follow people if you want more likes and to post more often in other people’s news feed

Retweet and tag bloggers, celebrities and brands to attract attention from more people to your profile.

Use twitter analytics to understand what your audience like the best

Retweet yourself to regain the interest of your viewers to specific products.

Reply to other people’s tweets which shows your human side.

Make lists to organize feeds and form clusters of your audience to keep track of engagement, reach, etc.

With all that said, you need to identify and engage with the right set of followers to get more likes on Twitter. Speak with your audience, watch their reactions to what you tweet and have  fun to get more likes on twitter.