5 Easy Hacks To Amplify Your Instagram Engagement (Must Try)

Almost all marketers know the importance of Instagram apps. It is one of the perfect marketing tools for business owners. You can see lots of brands and products using this platform to develop their business if you notice. It is not only for teenagers; it will suit all age groups of people. Due to lots of marketers entering on Instagram, it’s not an easy task to generate engagement. You need to work smart to increase your Instagram engagement. 

In this article, you will visit some effective tips to increase your engagement count. 

Your Post Must Be Saveable 

When you post something on Instagram, if people find it’s the more wanted one, they automatically click the save button. Remember two things: one is your post must be more impressive, or it must be informative. In these cases, your post has a chance to be saved by your audience. Try to analyze your audience’s mind; figure out what they need. After that, plan your content. It helps to boost your engagement rate.

What About Live Video?

On Instagram, you are allowed to use live features. It is a powerful method to connect directly with your audience. It is the right path to drive instant engagement and connect deeply with your audience. The research study shows that 80% of the audience are more likely to engage with live streams than reading blog posts.

Most importantly, give what they want from you; you can ask questions and invite your viewers by name.

Go With Customized Stickers & Filters 

To stand out from the crowd, you can create separate stickers and filters for your posts. Did you know? It is available in stories.

Take an example of Sephora, who introduced a “holiday beauty Q&A” using an AR filter for their followers. They used that filter on their own stories for Christmas. Through this, it spreads the Sephora brand and builds a strong community. So if you want to expand your brand reach, then you need to create fascinating stories to get the audience to engage with it. Moreover, you could gain visibility through Instagram impressions, which helps expand your brand exposure. Having unique styles, background themes, colors, and logos will help create classic images for your content. 

Try It Out All Kinds Of Content 

When you post your products or brand’s pics often, it may seem like you are too obsessed with self-promotional content. Instagram is the stage for both entertainment and commercial purposes, right. So Spend time for entertainment, avoid posting direct promotional content. You can try polls, ask questions, and quizzes. Have a break from your daily routine to entertain your audience. It is the direct way to engage with your audience and make them engaged too.

Pay Attention To Questions And Comments 

When you notice, people are commenting on your latest posts. To create hype, start answering back to your comments. When you practice this, it encourages the audience to participate in the conversation. It will make a positive impact, and they like to chat with you again. Meanwhile, you can ask your audience to mention their favorite products of yours. It will give more visibility to the new audience. 

You need to check your DM regularly; it will be filled with lots of messages. Give instant replies to your audience’s message. If you get any compliments or most important questions from your audience side, don’t hesitate to post in your Instagram story. 


If your main motto is to increase Instagram engagement, then you need to post frequently. Analyze your action, create content depending on your audience’s interest. Captivating content is crucial to driving engagement. I hope you will all enjoy our article to help you boost your engagement rate.